Thursday, April 09, 2015

Isis Militants impose ban on football

The extremist terrorist group reportedly imposed a ban on Barcelona's win over Real Madrid in March, because they consider football to be "a product of the decadent west"
Isis militants allegedly threatened to give 80 lashes to anyone caught watching Barcelona's clash with Real Madrid in March.

The vile extremist group has reportedly imposed a ban on football as they consider it to be a "product of the decadent west".

Clerics enforced the restriction across Syria and Northern Iraq - both Isis-held territories.

It isn't yet known whether anybody fell foul of the rules and received the sick punishment.

A source with the Kurdistan Democratic Party told the Sun: “The warning went out that if anyone was caught watching the game in a bar or even on an internet stream they would be given 80 lashes.

“Islamic State prohibits the watching and playing of any sport – football especially as it is seen as a product of the decadent West.”

According to one anti-Isis activist group, Isis executed 13 teenage boys in January for watching an Asian Cup match between Iraq and Jordan.

The youngsters were rounded up and executed by a firing squad after they were discovered viewing the clash in the Isis-held Iraqi city of Mosul.

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