Thursday, April 09, 2015

Jose Mourinho: Why I respect Sir Alex Ferguson so much

Jose Mourinho has revealed why he has so much admiration for Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mourinho insists he has no 'close friends' in football but is full of respect for the former United manager.

The Chelsea boss head-to-head with Ferguson throughout his first spell at Stamford Bridge with the Scot retiring upon his return to the club.

And having first met in 2004 when Porto knocked out United in the Champions League, Mourinho has been left infatuated with the legendary boss since.

"That was when I felt the two faces of such a big man," he told The Telegraph.

"The first face was the competitor, the man that tried everything to win. And after that I found the man with principles, with the respect for the opponent, with the fair play – I found these two faces in that period, and that was very important for me.

"In my culture, the Portuguese and the Latin culture, we don't have that culture of the second face; we are in football to win and when we don't there is not a second face most of the time. 

"But when we beat United in the Champions League I got that beautiful face of a manager which I try to have myself. I try."

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